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Pomepure Product

POMEPURE 100% NATURAL PRESSED Pomegranate juice (750ml)

A unique healthy drinks and nutritious for all classes of children, students, pregnant woman to the elderly.

The uniqueness of Pomepure Pomegranate juice was it is not made from the Concentrated @ extract, not mixed with preservatives, additive, coloring, no added sugar and no added water in the high-tech manufacturing processes.

International branded products have been marketed since 2005 in the UK, USA, Italy, Greece and Sweden.

Why Pomegranate?
Pomegranate is a fruit that is rarely achieved in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, although they can live and bear fruit, but the quality and it is not comparable with Pomegranate in the Middle East. Pomegranate became a symbol of fertility for marriage in the Middle East. Whereas in Christianity, the pomegranate symbol of the resurrection and eternal life, and in Buddhists, pomegranate fruit, blessed be said other than oranges and peaches.

In China, the pomegranate became a symbol of fertility, sustenance abundant, the descendants of the public and future blessed. Chinese people during the ceremony of presenting such marriage because it is considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity and a large progeny.

In Islam, the pomegranate is a fruit that is in Paradise which Allah as a provision that could enjoyed by people who show Signs of his as enshrined in the Holy Quran in Surah al An'am verse 99 and verse 141dan verse 68

of surah Ar-Rahman. Allah SWT says in Surah Ar Rahman, 66-68; "In both of them are springs hard transmitting continuously. Then the signs power of God for which you will be you guys again deny. In them are fruits, and palm trees, and pomegranates. "

In a Hadith Mauquf and marfu ', Prophet Muhammad said that Pomegranate is included in the Gardens. "None of you guys pomegranate plant, unless it is fertilized with pomegranate seeds heaven. If the fall of one seed, then ambillah.Tidaklah a Pomegranate fruit seeds into the stomach a Muslim, but the pomegranate seeds would be lighted for forty days. "

The Prophet Muhammad, meaning: "The fruit pomegranate fruit is the village. Those who ate the pomegranate, then Satan became angry for forty days. Because if the devil eat the pomegranate, then he is not followed by the man. "

There is a hadith which mawsul to Ali, namely: "Those who eat pomegranates until exhausted, then God will give him light for four within thirty days. "

The Prophet Muhammad, meaning: "Adam, dates, grapes and pomegranates made from one type of land."

Harb and others also narrated from Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet said, which means, "Eat Pomegranate oil or fat as well as it can activate digestive" (Narrated by Imam Ahmad)

Ali Radhiyallahu anhu said; "Give me little your kids eat pomegranates because he speed up their speech can talk. "

Ali Radhiyallahu anhu said; "Eat the pomegranate male sperm and increase the potential adorn children disclosed. "

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